Azatta The Glimmer Brush Strokes Oil Painting Canvas Wall Art

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Size 12*12 Inch

Framed Color Black


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The Glimmer is a painting that took ten years for the artist to finish after painting the peach blossom.

To describe a sad love story by painting the stone with the posture of an adult. The flamingo represents passionate love. The light represented by the yellow color has slowly dissipated, and the retro blue-gray color has also faded its original color.

This artwork describes the dissipation of love in the river of life, the memories left after experiencing the ups and downs or the prosperity of life have also become blurred, and everything is slowly disappearing.

  • Excellent canvas printing technology combines with?brush strokes makes the texture of the picture clear, attractive, and hard.
  • 100% premium canvas is made of high-quality materials, ensuring durability.
  • Framed canvas (wooden inner frame + polystyrene outer frame) is ready to hang.
Dimensions ?Weights
30*30CM (12*12 Inch) About 0.50 kg (overall)
40*40CM (16*16 Inch) About 0.64 kg (overall)
50*50CM (20*20 Inch) About 0.98 kg (overall)
60*60CM (24*24 Inch) About 1.16 kg (overall)

Accessories: 2 x Non-trace nails, 1 x Plastic expansion pipe, 1 x Expansion nail