Azatta Mr. R Series Stubbornness Brush Strokes Oil Painting Canvas Wall Art

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Size 12*12 Inch

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Stubbornness is one of the Mr. R Series' works. This artwork uses multiple colors to stand for this complicated world. The white color means purity.

The artist treats everything with skepticism when he's facing this colorful world. However, the truth is only realized by the minority. Why the divergences always exist between the painter and others? What on earth went wrong, the artist or the world? Mr. R's white T-shirt implies the artist always insists on the pure inner world and never drifts with the tide. This is his last stubbornness.

  • Excellent canvas printing technology combines with?brush strokes makes the texture of the picture clear, attractive, and hard.
  • 100% premium canvas is made of high-quality materials, ensuring durability.
  • Framed canvas (wooden inner frame + polystyrene outer frame) is ready to hang.?
Dimensions ?Weights
30*30CM (12*12 Inch) About 0.50 kg (overall)
40*40CM (16*16 Inch) About 0.64 kg (overall)
50*50CM (20*20 Inch) About 0.98 kg (overall)
60*60CM (24*24 Inch) About 1.16 kg (overall)

Accessories: 2 x Non-trace nails, 1 x Plastic expansion pipe, 1 x Expansion nail