Azatta Mr. R Series Streaky Pork Brush Strokes Oil Painting Canvas Wall Art

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Size 12*16 Inch

Framed Color Black


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Streaky Pork is one of the Mr. R series' paintings.

Mr. R and Miss R were ready to get married. Both of them had known each other at their young age. But because many things happened, Miss R walked to a large ship filled with materialism, and R was still looking for his lover in the same place. The lines represent that MR has been trapped in this love, and unable to withdraw from it. Although Mr. R holding flowers does not mean that he is also a good man.?

The artist portrays love as pork belly, symbolizing a materialistic age. When two young?lovers are together, they think each other is the only true love. But when they break up, some people can come out?quickly and some can't do that.

  • Excellent canvas printing technology combines with?brush strokes makes the texture of the picture clear, attractive, and hard.
  • 100% premium canvas is made of high-quality materials, ensuring durability.
  • Framed canvas (wooden inner frame + polystyrene outer frame) is ready to hang.
Dimensions ?Weights
30*40CM (12*16 Inch) About 0.56 kg (overall)
40*50CM (16*20 Inch) About 0.8 kg (overall)
40*60CM (16*24 Inch) About 0.88 kg (overall)
50*60CM (20*24 Inch) About 1.05 kg (overall)
50*70CM (20*28 Inch) About 1.18 kg (overall)

Accessories: 2 x Non-trace nails, 1 x Plastic expansion pipe, 1 x Expansion nail