Azatta Mr. R Series Normality of Life Brush Strokes Canvas Artwork

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Size 16*12 Inch

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Normality of Life?is one of the Mr. R Series' works. The artist creates this artwork based on his own experience.

The cactus implies the career and family of Mr. R. He has faced so many pressures from daily life. The clouds represent Mr. R¡¯s mood is in a mess, trouble is covered with thorns. The normality of life is: you lost what was good before, in contrast, the matters that surround you at the moment are what you hate. These awful feelings filled with Mr. R¡¯s heart, he cannot go back to where he started. Mr. R is a metaphor for the artist. The artist has an egotistical personality, however, he also wants to concern the family. Contradiction fills in his heart.

  • Excellent canvas printing technology combines with?brush strokes makes the texture of the picture clear, attractive, and hard.
  • 100% premium canvas is made of high-quality materials, ensuring durability.
  • Framed canvas (wooden inner frame + polystyrene outer frame) is ready to hang.
Dimensions ?Weights
40*30CM (16*12 Inch) About 0.56 kg (overall)
50*40CM (20*16 Inch) About 0.80 kg (overall)
60*40CM (24*16 Inch) About 0.88 kg (overall)
60*50CM (24*20 Inch) About 1.05 kg (overall)
70*50CM (28*20 Inch) About 1.18 kg (overall)

Accessories: 2 x Non-trace nails, 1 x Plastic expansion pipe, 1 x Expansion nail