Azatta Dormant Corner Brush Strokes Oil Painting Canvas Wall Art

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Size 12*16 Inch

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Dormant Corner is?an artwork created when the artist indulged in observing unnoticed corners.

A dormant corner is enclosed by warning strips. It is difficult to approach the truth on account of the existence of the warning strip. The artist considers these strips represent to the uniform standard of beauty. This society is not willing to let you see the truth, a standard is set up and the society hopes everyone¡¯s thoughts can be unitive. The standard seems like the iron gate which confines people¡¯s mind. Everyone is no longer belongs to themselves, people have lost their uniqueness and soul. What they can only do is following the rules in society.

  • Excellent canvas printing technology combines with?brush strokes makes the texture of the picture clear, attractive, and hard.
  • 100% premium canvas is made of high-quality materials, ensuring durability.
  • Framed canvas (wooden inner frame + polystyrene outer frame) is ready to hang.
Dimensions ?Weights
30*40CM (12*16 Inch) About 0.56 kg (overall)
40*50CM (16*20 Inch) About 0.8 kg (overall)
40*60CM (16*24 Inch) About 0.88 kg (overall)
50*60CM (20*24 Inch) About 1.05 kg (overall)
50*70CM (20*28 Inch) About 1.18 kg (overall)

Accessories: 2 x Non-trace nails, 1 x Plastic expansion pipe, 1 x Expansion nail