1. Do You Sell Canvas Prints or Paintings?

We sell canvas prints. But we also sell canvas painting that we use hand-painting skills to add brush strokes on the printed canvas.

2. How Do I Contact Customer Service?

Come on over to the Contact Us page. It has all the details!

3. Do You Sell Unframed Canvas Prints?

Yes. We sell unframed and framed canvas prints.

4. Are The Panels Framed?

Yes, all items are professionally framed. Hook mounted and ready to hang!

5. Does The Package Come With Any Hanging Accessories?

We prepare 2 x Non-trace nails, 1 x Plastic expansion pipe, 1 x Expansion nail in the package. But all panels are ready to hang!

6. How Will My Order Be Packaged?

Each panel will be protected with plastic wraps. Foam boards and cardboards may be placed between panels. We make sure that no surface of print will be sticking or squashing with one another. The whole package will be highly shock-resistant and waterproof.

7. Can I Request A Custom Frame Color?

No, but we have three frame colors for your choice when you place an order.

8. There is an error message during the Process of Checking Out. All My Payment Attempts Were Unsuccessful. Why?

Payment can be unsuccessful for many reasons under our security measures for fraudulent transactions:

1) Failed CVC Verifications

CVC number is usually found at the back of a credit card. If the CVC number is not provided or incorrectly input, there is a possibility that the customer’s card issuer doesn’t support its verification.

2) Failed Post Code Verifications

Postal code verification is a built-in rule in our system. That means, your shipping address has to be exactly as the address your bill was charged.

3) Card Issue.

Contact your bank for further assistance

9. Is There Any Sales Tax?