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Wall Art: DIY Canvas Painting for Your Father

The highest in the world is not a mountain, but father’s backbone. The warmest in the world is not sunshine, but father’s hug. Although our dad is getting elder, he always is our father, our superman, and our hero no matter he is also a general person in the world. At this moment, don't be stingy with your creativity, pick up a brush and paint, let’s draw a canvas painting that will stay with your father for the rest of his life. In this blog, you can understand three key elements when you paint, and then the instructions will be detailed. Finally, you can also learn to prepare a surprise for your loved dad after finishing your DIY canvas painting.

easy canvas painting

Part 1. 3 Key Factors about DIY Canvas Painting

A. Size

The first thing you need to decide is to confirm the size of the canvas painting on home decor. If you want your father to display the painting in a public place, such as an office or living room, Azatta suggests that the canvas painting should take up 50% to 75% of the total wall space. If this is too large for you to accomplish, then smaller pieces of canvas art painting may be more appropriate. After all, the small canvas painting can add a touch of color to your father's bedroom and let the walls breathe with this canvas painting.

square canvas painting

B. Types of canvas

  1. Stretched canvas

Canvases made from cotton are the most common, which are coated with gypsum primer to create the ideal painting. Stretched canvas is one of the most popular types of canvas for acrylic painting. Canvases are either oil or acrylic, so be sure to get the right one.

DIY canvas painting
  1. Canvas Panels

As for the public, canvas panels are more affordable than stretched canvas. Because the canvas panels offer high quality and cost-effective substitutes. These panels are usually made of primed cotton canvas mounted on a rigid board. canvas panels are ideal for the general public because of their lightweight and ease of portability. Although canvas panels offer almost the same quality surface as stretched canvas, they do not deteriorate and are therefore best suited for normal painting.

  1. Canvas Pads

Canvas pads are primed canvas sheets that are spiral bound in a book. The sheets used in many pads can be stretched or mounted, but as with canvas panels, they do not last as long as stretched canvas. If you want your father to keep your paintings for longer, a canvas pad may not be the most appropriate choice.

  1. Canvas Rolls

Canvas rolls are made of linen or cotton and come in different weights, textures and fibers. If you are an experienced painter, then canvas rolls are the best choice. It should be noticed that the canvas rolls are sold in a roll, so it is costly for the public.

C. Colors

The color choice of canvas painting is the most important part of the entire canvas painting. If your father prefers brighter colors, then you better not consider black as the main color of the painting. Also, the color of the walls can be used as a reference. Light green and white canvas prints look amazing on dark green walls.

canvas painting colors

Part 2. The Instruction of DIY Canvas Painting

Materials that painting your love are required:

  • Canvases
  • Vinyl alphabet stickers
  • Acrylic paint
  • Mod Podge
  • Paintbrushes
materials of canvas painting

Firstly, place the vinyl stickers on the canvas, and quickly brush a thin layer of Mod Podge over the sticker so the paint doesn't run under the sticker.

Secondly, let the paint dry for 2 hours. Meanwhile, place 2-3 different colors of acrylic paint on the tray, one brush for each color.

Next, you need to dip the brush into the paint and make several even dots, then pull a vertical line on each dot with the water-drenched brush. Expanding the shape with a brushstroke at the edge of each pulled vertical channel, and you also need to paint several patterns covering the entire canvas in the same way, even covering around the edges.

Remember to leave gaps between the patterns to allow your paint to dry completely between each color. Make sure they are also painted on the sides.

After that, simple shapes and patterns should be added to the painting to fill the blank, so that make the whole canvas painting look richer.

Finally, make a 'dad' banner by cutting out three triangles from scrap-booking paper, then string them together with thin string and pins in the DIY project. In addition, you are able to hang this DIY gift in one corner of the canvas painting and use hot glue to secure them to the inside of the frame edge.

Part 3. A Surprise to Your Father After Finishing

A. Ideas for packaging

Those old newspaper, paper bags and maps, and even reusable tissue paper, before you toss them in the recycling bin, consider incorporating them into a thrifty, unique packaging design. You may love the funky vibe of tie-dye, and tissue paper allows you to customize the colors for a fun and festive look. Making these adorable gift wraps is a healthy view of your canvas painting. The creative indulgence and the gorgeous end result can give your father a memorable gift.

package canvas painting

B. Father day card with your DIY canvas painting

A piece of paper that can be used for folding can give the gift card a nice and clear fold. And we can do this very easily using items we already have at home. Relax so that your hands don't shake when you inscribe on the card. Next plan what you want to write.

Once you know, use a pencil to lightly write the words on the card so you can trace the lines with a pen. Let the ink dry. You will need to make sure the ink is completely dry before proceeding. Gently blow on the ink to help it. Most inks take 60 seconds or less to dry. At this moment, your canvas painting and card are now complete and ready to be handed over to your loved dad.

gift card with DIY canvas painting


Drawing your love into the oil painting, and give the reward he deserves for your father. DIY Father's Day gifts are always a hit, especially canvas paintings for your father. This year, Azatta offers you an opportunity to show your love and respect, there are such great gifts for him.