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Something You Need to Know about Framed Canvas Prints

There is no denying that almost every house in the world has canvass or paintings displayed or hanging on their walls. Whether they are big or small, there is no contest that an art piece can lighten up the mood and beautify a house.

While some prefer an unframed canvas, for they say that it compromises the quality and looks of an art piece, some likes framed canvas artwork, for they seem to look at it as an enhancement for the canvas. But is there really a big difference between the two?

framed canvas wall art

Part 1: What is a framed canvas art?

Framed canvas art is a kind of art that can either ruin or improve the quality of an artwork. It is putting on a frame that has aesthetic features with the consideration of few factors in order to not compromise the worth of the piece. With the proper frame used, a painting could have better emphasis and attention.

Framed Canvas is used and can be seen in different places with wide walls or high ceilings such as museums or art galleries. You can also find it in big churches and chapels. Canvas art print with floating frames is used to add contrast on certain blank or white places, giving it bolder and more accent to achieve the desired look.

Framing artwork can not only enhance the physical attributes of a piece but can also add value to it as time goes by. It allows the viewer to see the art as a whole picture rather than certain parts, making it look more powerful in the eyes of the viewers.

azatta framed canvas

Part 2: Benefits of framed canvas prints

Having your canvas prints framed has its benefits and satisfaction for it is also a form of art print. Choosing the right kind of frames for your canvas also requires creativity and passion. Here are some reasons why you should consider framing such wall decor.

1. Finalization

Once an artwork or a canvas photo is framed and be ready to hang in living room, it gives a sense of completion to the artist and the viewer. It also gives the feeling that your art piece is perfectly secured and safe. It is a major component in forming the sense of the art viewer. It suggests the worth fastened to the art piece and mirrors on the nature of the keeper.

2. Floating perception

The frame gives the viewers the idea that the art piece inside the frame seems to be floating because of the gap between the art and the mount. It gives the piece accent and eccentric look. This enhances the facade of the art piece and would look great on the wall decor.

framed canvas artwork

3. Cleanliness

By the use of frames, the artworks seem to give the cleanliness and purity of the art piece. It also prevents the artwork to gain dirt and getting smudges or stains inside and outside the frame.

One of the best frames for artworks and canvas prints in the marketplace is the Azatta canvas wall art. With its inner and outer frame features, and good color schemes it gives off a relaxing and attractive feeling not only for the artist but also for the viewers. Durable and made from high-quality prints add, you can assure the quality and the safety of your painting. With its style and high-end materials, you can assure to add sophistication and an appealing presence of the artwork.

framed artwork

Part 3: Three matters that need concern on framed canvas prints

1. Prolongs the life span of the artwork

Finding the proper amount for your artwork does not only includes good color and artistic design. It also needs to provide protection and security of the piece itself so that you can assure its long life and keep it from having any damage in case of transportation and display.

You should also consider the materials used in making the artwork, may it be on canvas or paper, you have to make sure that the chemicals or the compounds used in making the art, for some may stain the glasses or the frame that you may use in the future.

framed artwork

2. Dare to try

Do not be afraid in taking risks in trying out new things. Dare to use things, in this case, frames that are out of the ordinary for it may not flatter the artwork in the eyes of other people.

There are no solid rules in framing so whatever you think is best for your artwork, do it. Thinking out of the box and trying new frame option and pairings can also be done. Just don’t be too ambitious and do everything with excellence and creativity. Remember, simplicity is beauty.

azatta canvas wall art

3. The Right Location

One of the things that you should consider in choosing the proper mount for your artwork is the place that you will put it. Give a thought on how the frame and the artwork suit the place where you have decided to hang it.

You can research proper frame placing and even ask for the professional help of some artists so that it can be more appealing to the eyes. Research and study the perfect pairings of the materials and the location. What is the best for blank spaces, for nautical spaces and tones, be considerate of all these things.


With all these things to be considered it is best that you always examine the artwork as a whole so that if you decide to either frame or unframed your canvas prints, the piece will not get compromised and the worth of it will not decrease.

There are certain instances that a framer will not agree to frame a certain artwork for they believe that it may ruin the quality of the piece. You can take their advice and just let the artwork be unframed when displayed. Whether you choose to frame or unframed the artwork, it is important not to hinder the original purpose of the artist.

Nonetheless, regardless of what your choice is going to be, artworks from Azatta will always look astounding if complemented with the right space and materials.