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How to Paint on A Canvas Print

Canvas print has blended into the works of art field with the rapid development of modern technology. The saturated color and experienced print have made the quality print artwork become the overwhelming choice for art fans and consumers. Nowadays, oil painting art print products have gone into the homes of ordinary people, which will bring a strong impact to the art consumption market.

This blog aims to show you how to paint over a canvas print and discuss the benefit of doing this. Then, we will talk something about the canvas print as well, the features, advantages and disadvantages of oil painting print will be discussed. Finally, several methods which protect your oil painting print products will be introduced.

Part 1. How to paint over a canvas print

The process of painting over a canvas print can be described as adding some additional decoration by hand under the multiple photos which has printed on the canvas. Hand-painted canvas prints are able to make the photo print on the gallery wrapped canvas look more colorful and stratified. It is definitely an indispensable measure for artists in the works of art field. This specific method is adopted widely in recent years.

This part aims to introduce some detailed information about how to paint over a canvas print and discuss the benefits of doing this.


Alright, please allow me to provide some information about painting over the quality prints canvas. There are several steps in the whole process.

Step 1. Identify the area where need to optimize

It is essential to identify which part of the photo print and canvas sizing you want to optimize. For instance, if you are willing to optimize the image based on scenery or portrait, it is quite important to dispose of the picture before you print it. Because you are not willing to paint the whole wall art again. 

On the contrary, the thing you need to do is endowing more sense of painting to enhance the appearance.

Step 2. Choose the proper coating material


It is quite important to adopt suitable coating material in the working process. If you don't have much painting experience, you may prefer acrylic for cleaning up later. Just keep in mind that acrylic dries much faster than oil.

So, if you take the time, you may need to wet the paint on your tray from time to time. Some artists occasionally use a spray bottle to rewet their paint with a little water.

Step 3. Add gel media


It is also a trick to add some gel media to the paint to thicken it. This procedure will thicken the paint and add more texture to the application. This step aims to strengthen the visual effect of the product and prolong the life span of the product.

Compared with the traditional painting method, paint over canvas framed prints is able for artists to obtain the sense of composition which can help them in the production process.

More details of the oil painting prints are able to add and the accuracy can be guaranteed to base on canvas print. From my perspective, paint over on canvas print is easier and more fun than you might think. Using a digital drawing program helps to increase the painterly appearance of an photo print. Use actual paint and gel applicators to make it look more realistic and paint-like.

Part 2. What is a canvas print

OK, let’s talk something about the canvas print. It is an advanced technology that is commended by art lovers all over the world. The concept of canvas prints differs from the traditional hand-painted canvas painting, the image will be printed on the canvas by inkjet if you are satisfied with a certain picture. Canvas is a compact material whose surface is special, it looks like the canvas in the art gallery.

Subsequently, the worker will slice and stretch the canvas when the image is printed.

Furthermore, the frame of the canvas is also an essential component in the whole manufacturing process. An experienced canvas printing company will prefer kiln-dried material in order to guarantee the canvas will not shrivel or curl up under the influence of time.

The most difficult step for a canvas printer in the whole working process is aligning the frame and canvas accurately, then, the canvas must be bound to the frame tightly.


The canvas print has become the most popular choice for modern society. Whatever how various the need of consumers is, there’s always one for them. Here are some features with you in the following part.

  • The oil painting print is able to transfer the image, photo, picture, or any electronic media without losing the quality. The quality prints will decorate your space and make your daily life more colorful.
  • The oil painting print is able to provide saturated color and possess high-quality image accuracy. What is more, It can also retain extremely detailed colors and a sense of the depth of the image.
  • Consumers always claim that they are not able to distinguish whether it is canvas print or original painting. In reality, there is basically no difference between oil painting print and the original work, even the original artist is quite difficult to distinguish as well.
  • The custom canvas prints are growing rapidly in the artwork market, it is replacing the traditional printing methods of prints and photographic photosensitive materials. Artists, photographers, galleries, and publishers are often satisfied with it and prefer this method of production when making fine art reproductions.
  • Furthermore, the combination of technical ink and specific canvas is able to guarantee your artwork to keep for a long time.

Right, let me expound on the advantages and disadvantages of the canvas print.

The main reason that canvas print is developing so rapidly owes to all types of images can be printed on the canvas in order to meet different consumers’ needs. It is not so expensive, however, the durability and quality of the product will not be influenced. The experienced print technology will increase the efficiency and decrease the cost.

Therefore, the performance cost ratio of canvas print work is relatively high. In addition, the product is able to keep for a long time if it is protected prudentially.

Nevertheless, there are still some disadvantages existing in canvas print at the present stage. For instance, the canvas is not waterproof in most instances, the original color and texture may be destroyed if the surface brings into contact with the liquid. What is more, scraping or falling will also lead to the destroying of the item.

Part 3. How to protect a canvas print

Although there are some defects existing in oil painting prints, however, some human factors are still controllable to some extent. There are several ways to protect your artwork.

  • It is absolutely not recommended that you make your product exposed to sunlight or ultraviolet light for a long time. You will perceive color fading problem will catch up to you by degrees. The quality and color of your artwork will suffer a major setback. So, please always keep your product away from the sunlight and ultraviolet light.
  • If the surface of your product brings into contact with the liquid, please wipe dry the substance immediately and clean the surface with a special coating to remove the dirt. Please keep your artwork away from any possible liquid source and set it under a dry environment on the account even water vapor may destroy your item insensibly.
  • Please hang your item away from the children. Any scarping behavior will definitely destroy your artwork, furthermore, it is also quite difficult to recover. This matter is often ignored by consumers. Please let the custom canvas print as your home decor and make sure to keep the items out of the reach of children and tell them not to touch or scratch the artwork.

Part 4. Summary

The hand-painted canvas print is able to make the image on the canvas look more colorful and stratified, it is a good method to optimize the artwork. Furthermore, the concept of canvas print will definitely affect the artwork consumption market. 

If you are seeking ready-made products or artwork that possesses high quality and perfect texture, do not hesitate, Azatta can be the right choice. The artwork from Azatta adopts professional canvas and multicolored frames.

Compared with traditional oil painting prints, Azatta adds hand-painted technology. As discussed before, painting over a canvas print is able to make the artwork press close to the texture of oil painting. In addition, the efficiency of the output is much higher than hand painting. If you need more inspiration for artwork, you are in the right place now.