How to Decorate Your Room with Modern Abstract Art

How to Decorate Your Room with Modern Abstract Art

Wall paintings, especially modern abstract art, play a vital role in decorating your home. While the drawing-room of your house may have paintings that reflect a particular expression, those you get for your living or guest rooms might convey a different message altogether.

That said, the following sections discuss various modern abstract wall art types, what is the difference between modern art and abstract art, and what kind of modern abstract canvas art should you use to decorate your home according to your tastes and likes.

Part 1. All About Modern Abstract Art

When talking about modern abstract art, the term is derived from the combination of two art types namely modern art and abstract art. While these art categories from abstract artists sound familiar to most people who have recently started showing interest in the abstract painting, the difference between the two is significant and is elaborated below:

1. Introduction

  • Abstract Art – An abstract art from abstract artists is a drawing of lines and shapes painted with colors to convey a particular message that the artist has in mind. Simply put, abstract art doesn’t include realistic elements such as humans, animals, or other natural or artificial stuff.
abstract art
  • Modern Art – In contrast to abstract art, modern art in living room is drawn to reflect the feelings such as pain, happiness, sorrow, or anything related to emotions. Unlike abstract art, a modern art painting isn’t restricted to geometrical shapes. However, it may still not necessarily contain real objects.
modern art
  • Modern Abstract Art – As mentioned earlier, this one is the combination of the above two where the feelings and emotions are conveyed via various shapes and colors. The better understanding of colors an artist has the more elaborative and valuable their modern abstract wall art would be.
modern abstract art

2. Difference Between Modern Art and Abstract Art

The fact is, as far as the terminology is concerned, modern art in wall decor is slightly older than abstract art. While the former came into existence roughly in the 1860s, the first official painting of the latter was drawn by Wassily Kandinsky in the year 1911. However, many argue about the pattern and style from the era earlier to that.

3. Kinds of Modern Abstract Art

There are several types of modern abstract art paintings. The category each canvas print belongs to depends on various factors such as the era it was drawn in, the colors used, the type of geometry or shapes it has, the emotion or message it conveys, etc. Some modern abstract wall art types include:

  • Mid Century Modern Abstract Art

Modern abstract canvas art is the abstract paintings that were drawn anywhere between the mid-1940s and 1965. The era-wise categorization becomes imperative because of the nature of the drawings that used to evolve over time. This happened due to the changes in the thought process of the artists.

mid century abstract art
  • Geometric Abstract Art

A painting that consists of, but is not limited to, geometrical shapes like lines, circles, etc. are called Geometric Abstract Art. Such an art type is not always illusive, and may or may not represent real objects with the aim of looking realistic.

geometric abstract art
  • Black and White Abstract Art

As the name suggests, this type of modern abstract wall art is drawn with a monochrome color. Although the term says the painting has black and white colors, in many instances some other bold shades like dark brown have also been used. Nevertheless, the color combination in such wrapped canvas still remains monochromous in nature.

black and white art
  • Abstract Line Art

Came into existence somewhere in the 1950s and 1960s, abstract line art paintings in modern wall art are drawn using several continuous lines to form shapes that collectively convey a message or emotion. Because abstract line art drawings are simple in nature, the idea they reflect is understood by the admirers pretty quickly and easily.

4. Why Is It Important to Decorate a House/Room in Modern Abstract Art?

Wall art paintings play a vital role in decorating your living room. Some of the reasons to consider modern abstract canvas wall art an essential entity rather than taking it for granted include:

  • Color Scope

Many of you may have noticed that choosing a color for your walls could be arduous due to the wide range of shades that the painting companies offer through their catalog. If you choose a beautiful modern abstract art prior to deciding on a wall color, you could have a fair idea as to which color should go best with the drawing. In simple words, decent abstract art serves as a guideline while picking a wall color.

  • Sense of Completeness

Regardless of the quantity and quality of the furniture, you add abstract painting to the area, and irrespective of the smoothness of the colors your house has, the empty walls still make the room look incomplete. Whereas well-drawn modern geometric abstract art can make the home appear finished and ready to move in living room.

  • Focal Point

Be it a brochure, a video scene, or a living room, every element has a focal point that attracts your attention at the first glance. An attractive abstract mid-century modern art in wrapped canvas that hanging on the wall of your living room automatically becomes the focal point for those who enter the premise.

Part 2. 3 Things to Consider for Decorating with Modern Abstract Art

Now that you know quite something about abstract modern art paintings, there are a few ‘ethics’ that you may want to consider while picking modern abstract wall art for your rooms. The points to remember in this context include:

1. Use Colors that Blend

Although this one may sound a bit contradictory to what was discussed in the previous section, for simplicity’s sake, you can try going for the modern abstract art prints with the colors that gel in with the shades of the walls, rather than being in contrast to them. The sobriety such a blended pattern offers looks remarkable when you have a particular class.

2. Have a Pair (At Least)

Putting a single abstract wall painting might look like a formality that you wanted to complete without any interest. On the other hand, if a modern abstract canvas art has its contrasting partner, your living room would look elegant, and complete. Therefore, you should consider having two or three wall arts aligned horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

3. Use Monochromes for Boldness

If you want to reflect your bold attitude, choosing a black and white modern geometric abstract art is something you may want to go for. As mentioned earlier, ‘black and white’ not necessarily means the geometric abstract art need to use the black color. In fact, any dark shade with no other companion would serve the purpose pretty well in your living room.

brushstrokes oil painting canvas wall art

As far as obtaining such types of abstract modern art paintings is concerned, you can either visit any local store near your residence or conduct a quick Internet search to see online sellers with a huge range of modern abstract art designs for your home.

Part 3. Summary

Unlike what many people believe, the concept of modern art came into existence somewhere in the 1860s, i.e., a bit before Wassily Kandinsky drew a abstract painting in the year 1911 that was officially termed as the first abstract art. However, when modern abstract art is talked about, it is a blend of both.

Depending on your likes and tastes about the decoration, you can choose a wall painting from any of the online stores that offer a wide range of collections to help you pick the one from the category that suits you best. Also, it would be good if you consider choosing multiple drawings to give your room a look at a personal art gallery.