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Decorate with Black And White Wall Art for Your Room

When people mention decoration, wall art is an undivided part of home decor. Choosing excellent wall art can greatly improve your space hierarchy and taste. Black and white wall art may be your first choice, as two of most common elements in the United States from mid century modern, how to flexibly use these two classic color schemes to decorate your living room? This blog may give you some inspiration for wall decor.

In the next three parts, we'll show why you should choose the black and white style to decorate your space.

Part 1. The symbolic meaning of black and white in art

As a symbol of heritage, color plays a vital role in culture, religion and history. In a strict sense, black and white not only represent the color, but also play the role of light and darkness, and have various symbolic meanings.

Contrast is a great design tool to create interest and add unique color to your home decor, and when we talk about high-contrast pairings, black and white is the most classic pairing that can easily make a visual impact on people. Incorporating this black and white wall art into your wall decor is also a great decorating choice.

black and white in art

Part 2. Advantage of decorating room in black and white art

Why we choose black and white wall art print? When you wake up or bring your tired body home, the simple and clear colors and lines can relax your nerves, so that you will not be bothered by the complicated art sets and relax your visual fatigue. Plus, there are some advantages that will be told to you below.

1. Flexibility

The beauty of using black and white wall art is its flexibility. With a seamless base of neutral colors, we can boldly add our own favorite colors to space. Black and white wall art can liven up the layout of a room and balance the color tone of the entire space so that the colors throughout the space are contrasting, but not overwhelming or contradictory.

For example, the bright red in the picture below stands out in the darkness, but it is complemented by the black and white canvas painting, which makes the bright red look less abrupt and more bright.

No longer do you have to worry about color coordination in space. No matter what type of wall art you choose, such as abstract images, lines and portraits, it will work perfectly with the proportions of the space, giving it a sense of cheerful and organized energy.

Black and white wall art

2. High-end appearance

Black and white have endless combinations. No matter what type of color it is paired with, it almost always works. This classic combination never goes out of style and inherently comes with a sense of nostalgia, as if going back to the silent film era, freezing art and images in a moment.

Moreover, decorating a room in this way adds layers to space, and adds harmony to the room with black and white wall art than with other styles of decorating. This classic color combination will always be a staple of interior design.

wall art for room

Part 3. 4 ways to decorate the room in black and white wall art

Although modern decorating styles and semi-minimalist trends are changing the way we decorate our walls with prints, some will choose to paint directly on the wall. But there is an unexplainable attachment to black and white photography, as if to seal a memory or experience in a cramped frame, or as if the minimalist elements are used to draw out the sky in the mind.

Black and white wall art is seeing new heights thanks to improvements in cameras and a growing tendency to use neutral colors and muted tones. Painters reduce their palette for many reasons, but mainly as a way to focus the viewer's attention on a particular subject, concept or technique. This can be very liberating - without the complexity of working with color, you can experiment with form, texture, mark-making and symbolism.

1.The big contrast

In fact, black and white are not even physical colors because they do not have a specific wavelength. White is pure light and black is the absence of light. But when we think of them, a series of dichotomies immediately come to mind - from light and shadow to the brightest light and the deepest darkness.

Black and white wall art can make a brightly colored background look less overwhelming. Like adding a black and white canvas print to the blue in this picture, the classic black and white color scheme contrast with the saturated blue, creating a glamorous old Hollywood atmosphere.

black and white artwork

2.The oversize statement

One of the things we love most about black and white wall art is its ability to make bold statements without color. This bold spirit is reinforced in these oversized canvases, where each line can be meticulously rendered in intense relief, creating a look that is both inviting and evocative.

This 'Poetic Pier Butterfly Canvas Print Wall Art' by Azatta illustrates the concept very well. The canvas print uses black color as the main background color, it is the poem "As I Sit In Heaven" printed in the shape of a butterfly on the Canvas sheet, with the dark pier as the background, presenting a nightfall view.

Black and white butterfly

3.The fashion-forward prints

In many cultures, white is seen as the color of innocence, virginity, purity, fidelity and peace. In the West, white clothing and decorations symbolize the joy of birth, baptism and weddings. However, black has different associations in different cultures and religions. Death, mystery and the dark side of humanity, as well as power, nobility and prestige.

When it comes to the topic of fashion, the classic black and white color scheme is the main choice for ages. Whether it's a vintage photo or an abstract one, this style is guaranteed to add a unique charm to your space. Take Azatta's Lonely Daisy as an example, the main tone is still black and white, on top of that, a few splashes of yellow, changing the old rules, adding some vividness to this delicate daisy.

4.The neutral complement

While the black and white color scheme adds no other colors, it can provide a striking addition to an all-neutral space. It strikes the perfect balance, providing a visual impact that anchors the room without overpowering the soft tones and different textures.

In art, there is an expressive technique called white space, which is the art of using "blank space" as a container to render beauty. The interplay of black and white may mislead you into thinking that it is two crossed faces. The gray and white give the reader room for imagination.

canvas artwork


Creation is not set in stone, take the bold and brave first step to change. Black and white wall art not only makes your room unique but also enhances the space. You can choose other styles of canvas artwork from Azatta. Hoping this blog will inspire you to decorate and stop fretting over how to choose a style.