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How to Decorate with Black and White Abstract Wall Art

Abstract wall art is considered an essential art style by today’s consumers. It is pretty obvious that these modern abstract artworks can enhance the sense of space for your room. In the past, some of the families do not pay attention to indoor decorative painting because they think it is redundant. The image of abstract paintings has always been regarded as elusive content.

However, the abstract art prints always play an important role in the modern decoration style. Although many people can not understand the contents of the art contemporary completely, they are still impressed by them deeply. Gradually, abstract painting was recognized by more and more people.

This blog aims to show you the basic information of abstract art including the definition and the development history. Subsequently, the detailed information of black and white abstract art will be discussed. Finally, some ideas for decorating with black and white abstract art in the space will be shared as well.

Part 1.What is Abstract Art?

black and white abstract art

Definition of the Abstract Art

Abstract art refers to any art that simplifies or completely pulls away from the depiction of real natural objects. Its aesthetic content is expressed by the combination or structure of forms, lines and colors. Sometimes the theme of abstract art is real, but it is too stylized, blurred, overlaid, or broken down into basic forms to make it difficult to recognize the original.

6 Types of Abstract Art

With the evolution of abstractionism, modernism and postmodernism, various interdisciplinary movements are rising at that period. These movements encourage people to get rid of the traditional method, style and mode of thinking from the renaissance.

In the twentieth century, these movements put forward some new interpretations abstract art prints, which including surrealism, Dadaism, cubism and fauvism. Abstract art in modern wall is a term for today's designers, it covers a wide range of styles and artistic methods.

There are mainly six types of abstract art in modern art in recent years, and it is perfect for ready to hang in living room for sure, let’s list them all:

1. Paint Splatter

paint splatter

The image of the paint splatter and the texture of drop brings a sense of vitality to abstract art. These gallery wall are quite suitable for the printing of posters and streamers. The combination of the color enhances the visual effect of the abstract art. Furthermore, the fine art print with black frame form also creates a versatile background for typography and logos.

2. Block Color

block color

This typical painting style explores the psychology and dramatic potential of the block color. The simple distribution of color lump and the grid layout provides a simple but miraculous visual effect. In addition, this artistic style is widely adopted by international designers as the main source of inspiration.

3. Cubism


It is a style of abstract art in which the identifiable subject of the image with brush strokes is scattered and geometrical. What is more, Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky developed this style further, he is considered as the pioneer of nonfictional art by a large number of artists.

4. Line Art

line art

Line art focuses on the sense of beauty, artists and designers can deliver their conception to the audiences intuitively. Line art, like black and white wall art is quite suitable for the design of the icon and logo on account of its simplicity.

5. Halftone


Halftone is usually understood as the punctate effect by resolving the images from the printer. The halftone artists attempt to let their work look like the advertisements in the newspaper. Furthermore, the gradient design is also a feasible method from the halftone style to enhance the texture and interestingness.

6. Surrealism


Surrealism aims to obtain distorted reality vision by manipulating the images of realism. Artists tried to combine the unreasonable and irregular images to enhance the creativity of thought. Surrealism stimulates the inspiration of the designers continuously.

From the above description, it is not difficult to find that a large number of abstract works are based on black and white colors. This is a kind of widely circulated tonal contracted and the collocation that does not break connotation never goes out of date. In fact, black and white art in black painting has been with us since the beginning of art itself. The aesthetic interpretation of black and white abstract art existing in all aspects of life, the detailed information will be discussed in the following part.

Part 2. Why Choose Black and White Abstract Art to Ornament?

This part will introduce 5 reasons why black and white abstract art is suitable for the decoration of room space:

It Fits Almost All Background Tones

Black and white have a wide range of uses in home decoration mainly because black and white complement other colors easily. Black and white blend perfectly into the environment in almost any situation. If space is decorated with these artworks, the balance of the colors will be created, furthermore, compared with other colors, black and white will provide an ideal rest area for your eyes.

Contrast with Space

black and white abstract art for living room

Black and white are two colors that contain the most contrast ratio in nature, which painting minimalist art. That is the main reason why black and white abstract art attracts so many people. To some extent, the contrast ratio is one of the most crucial parts of black and white abstract art. Each artwork is able to create motion, size, depth and obvious contrast.

Furthermore, the irregular shape of the black and white abstract art will leave a deep memory for people who have seen it.


No worry about hesitating which interior style which the abstract art needs on account it matches anything in your space. What you need to do is choosing more spectacular and chic decorations for stylish and new interiors. Generally speaking, try to be bold and choose the style of art you prefer for your space. The versatility of black and white abstract artworks will always find its suitable space to decorate your room.

Make the Space More Vivid

abstract art makes vivid

The black and white abstract art will add vividity to each corner in your space. You need to consider the elements that you are willing to emphasize. These elements include a sofa, dining table, television and some other elements. The combination of the artwork and furniture will definitely enhance the space level.

Once again, please be bold to decorate your space! You will obtain a new life experience under your effort.

Build Modern Atmosphere

Black and white are considered as the hue which never goes out of fashion. The neutral color is safe in the decorating process and the combination will not be a shock.

In contrast, the black and white abstract art will bring a modern atmosphere to your space. It is a wise choice to decorate the wall with abstract art. The rational layout will make the space more modern and well-organized.

Part 3. How to Use Black and White Art in Home Decor

This part will show you 3 suggestions to decorate your space with black and white abstract art. If you lack the experience and creativity in this field, just browse the content and get inspiration from here!

Use Grid Layout

use grid layout

The grid is always the simplest and safest layout method for wall decor in your space. You needn’t worry about the specific overall arrangement, because the grid layout is symmetrical and delectable. The size of the grid depends on the measure of your wall.

The grid layout is safe, so you can decorate the wall bravely. A reasonable design of the wall will enhance the space level and make your room look more hierarchical than before. It deserves to make some change for your living environment to gain a new experience.

Try not to Adopt Photo Wall

It is quite common for us to find the photo wall in daily life. Sometimes it looks warm and sweet. However, the decoration style of the photo wall needs great layout consciousness and professional knowledge.

Otherwise, the overall effect will appear in a chaotic and boring condition and the unification of the rhythm of the artworks is a key part of the decorating process.

Therefore, the photo wall is not recommended for inexperienced consumers. If the overall arrangement is not reasonable, the entire effect is backfired even though the black and white hue is safe.

Use Simple Frame

The black and white abstract art is easy for people to frame them and be ready to hang in any space style. Nevertheless, it is also important to consider the proper frame for your products.

A common mistake that people will make is the frame they chose cannot match the style of their space. For instance, a grandiloquent frame is not suitable if there are no luxury decorations in your room.

Please note never try to use the frame which may cause disharmony from your space, it is better to adopt a simple frame. Furthermore, if you want to increase the texture of the artwork, pay attention to the material of the frame. 

Part 4. Summary

Abstract art has been developed continually with the change of time and aesthetical standards. In modern society, black and white abstract art was adopted in various fields for decoration. There are so many advantages that black and white abstract art can bring to your space, just be bold to decorate your room with these artworks. No worry, these products will never be outdated and it is always safe for any style of the space.