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How to Choose Wall Art for Bedroom

If you’ve found your way here, I’m going to go ahead and assume you’re a bit stuck on your bedroom decor. Fear not - I’m here to give you all the insight you might need into the bedroom wall decor you’re going to need to make your space perfect.

Decorating a bedroom can be hard because there are so many choices to choose from and so many preferences to consider. Maybe you’re here because you need inspiration for your children's or teenagers' room. Or perhaps you’re here after some bedroom canvas art ideas for yourself. Whether you’re after something subtle and sleek for a shared space or if you’re hoping for something a bit more unique or retro, there’s plenty of bedroom wall hanging choices for home decor.


Before we look into some of the bedroom canvas art options you have, let’s take a look into what you should consider.

1. Consider Who Space Is For

Everyone wants to have a cool bedroom that people envy but at the end of the day, it’s only important that the owner of the bedroom loves the final bedroom wall decor. People have vastly different styles so the individual's taste will require specific attention. For example, if space your designing is for a kid, they might be more drawn to bedroom canvas wall art that is vibrant and fun.


Try to remember just how personal a bedroom is when it comes to decorating it. You don't only want it to look personal but you want it feels it too, meaning being in there should be a total stress reliever.

If you’re sharing the bedroom with a partner, make sure to consider their tastes too. Compromises may have to be made to ensure that both of you feel at home in the space and that’s OK. One way you can do this is by opting for a more neutral color palette and focussing on making the room peaceful to be in.

2. Consider The Size of The Bedroom

If you’re trying to conduct interior design in a small space, you don’t want to overwhelm it with giant bedroom wall decor. This means you might want to go for something smaller to match the room. In a small room, you should try to limit the amount of wall decor to save it looking crowded but a larger bedroom could do with a few different piece of art to break up space.


You might also want to consider that a lot of small bedrooms get limited light and can feel rather dim sometimes due to their size. A good way to style a room like this is to opt for a brighter bedroom wall decor. Natural and scenic bedroom wall canvas art can also mimic the idea of having more windows in the room which can make space feel airier.

3. What Sort of Style You Want

Choosing the style of your bedroom before you go out and splurge money on bedroom wall decor is a really important thing to do. Picking the right wall art for your space, like abstract wall art, which can be a bit tedious but choosing carefully will make for a more cohesive and nicely styled area.

For example, a modern bedroom might call for something a bit sleeker or trendy whereas a more cozy and traditional bedroom would require you to opt for something more timeless.


4. Consider The Existing Decor

You don’t want to pick bedroom wall decor that drastically clashes with the way the bedroom already looks. And you definitely don’t want to end up having to completely redo your bedroom because you found a piece of bedroom wall art that you really like, so try to find things that compliment the existing space

If you’ve got a rather sleek and black and white bedroom, it might be a nice idea to opt for a pop of color. Something fun like this will add a bit of diversity and texture to an otherwise tame space without going too overboard.


5. What Format You Want The Bedroom Wall Decor to Be In

Do you want a painting? A photograph? A customized print?

The format of your bedroom canvas art is one of the most important things to consider. Picking one ready to hang can either ensure your space is cohesive or it can make it look a bit like a yard sale. I'm going to go ahead and assume you don't want the latter!

This takes us back to considering your existing decor or taking into account the style you want to go for. A modern room probably won’t suit an impressionist oil painting the same way a bohemian or an art deco-inspired bedroom won’t really suit photography all that much.

Try not to feel overwhelmed by this though - as long as you’re happy with the bedroom wall decor you end up with, nothing else matters. Just have the rest of your decorations and style choices in the back of your mind as you pick because framed canvas wall art is usually the focal point of any room. This means you don’t want it to stand out for the wrong reasons.


6. Consider The Positioning Of The Bedroom Wall Decor

Making sure you choose the right position for your canvas is vital or else it can throw the entire vibe of the bedroom off! Wherever you put it is likely going to be the focal area of the bedroom so take that into consideration before you start driving hooks into your walls.

A good place for a piece of wall art to go is of course above the bed because they both compliment each other nicely and somewhat mimick framing, giving a sophisticated appearance. If you’re going for a more minimalist approach though, try hanging it on a completely bare wall to even out your space and stop it looking too cluttered.

There you have it - all of the best tips and tricks on how to choose the perfect bedroom wall decor for your space. If you take all of these into account when designing your bedroom and remember that it’s your space and your space alone, your bedroom will look positively fantastic!