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How to Choose Wall Art

Wall art is a vital part of interior design. Choosing a good wall artwork is important for the layering and personal taste of the space. This blog will introduce details of canvas wall art and how to use the art print to decorate your space.

In the next three parts, we'll show why you should decorate your room with fine art.

wall art decor

Part 1. Introduction of wall art

1. What is wall art?

When it comes to art print ready to hang, do you really know wall art? Wall art is like the clothes people wear for your space, it acts as the finishing touch, giving your room personality and charm, how you decorate your space depends on your endless creativity and imagination.

The best part about canvas print is that it can evolve and change over time, you can switch it up whenever you want and be bold enough to experiment with various wall decor ideas until you find the right look for your decorative accessories and your decorative accents.

2. Type of wall art

As the article referred before, wall art print is like clothes, and there are definitely various types of wall art. Next, we'll introduce you to fine art in general, so choose one to decorate your room.

●Wood wall art

If you like a rustic or traditional atmosphere, wood is the best choice for you. Azatta offers you a wide range of high-quality art print decor ideas with a wood frame to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. The wood frame art print plays an important role in home decor. If you need to decorate your space, it is able to be ready to hang as window treatment. 

●Abstract wall art

Abstract art is a perfect choice when your room needs a colorful and oversized piece. The open theme does not dominate the narrative of the room. A striking composition helps to create depth to both of these points, whether in the layering of space or in thinking about the subject matter.

abstract wall art

●Black and white wall art

The black and white color scheme will never go out of fashion, it is a timeless classic. The strong contrast can give you a visual impact. In addition, it blends perfectly with other colors, whether red or yellow, without looking abrupt, black and white is an all-purpose palette. 

black and white wall art

Part 2. The importance of wall art

Any piece of art can make up a room. Art can help tell a story through your room and add life to space, just be bold and bring your favorite decor ideas into your room, including outdoor furniture and accent chairs.

1. Color palette

Canvas print allows for a full display of wild ideas, and decorating a space is more than just a monotonous choice of furniture and chandeliers. Choosing the right color palette for your room can be one of the toughest choices you'll make when decorating. Therefore, you need to choose a piece of wall art that you really like and use it to inspire your decor.

If you choose wall art that is primarily red in color, then choose red chairs and sofas that your wall art can inspire the decorating choices, rather than your furniture influencing your wall art choices.

2. Focus

The most basic principle of interior design is that every room needs a focal point or a single element that will immediately draw the eye into space, and anyone who steps into your home will be amazed by your taste. There is no doubt that framed prints can do this job with ease.

Imagine your favorite wall art hanging above the fireplace in your living room, or on the wall behind your bedroom. Or maybe in a dining room, adding interest to a traditional dining area. The most important issue you need to consider is the size of the wall art decoration because a wall art decoration that is too small will be dwarfed by the surrounding furniture, but a wall art decoration that is too large will steal the show from the furniture and not balance the interior space.

3. Bringing texture

Not all wall art is created equal. While some canvas print are two-dimensional paintings, with the technology available, some three-dimensional effects can be displayed in the form of canvas artwork that can bring different textures to space. These additional textures can add the necessary visual weight to your room and set the tone of the room. Consider that rough textures are more likely to make a space feel intimate and grounded, while smooth textures bring a more stylish tone to a room.

texture wall art

Part 3. 2 ways to decorate your room with wall art

1. Pursuit of large scale art

An oversized painting or photograph will draw attention to itself and set the tone in a small space. Try a black and white photo in a minimalist space or add color with a vibrant abstract piece.

2. Custom a gallery wall

Nothing adds more personality and color than a custom gallery wall. Display art or photo collections, or add wall hangings and other mayflies. Choose a simple, cohesive frame or introduce a series of gorgeous variations to mix it up! Pro tip: Extend gallery walls to the ceiling to create the illusion of more decor styles.

gallery wall art


Wall art not only makes your room unique but also enhances the layering of the space. How to choose the right wall art is the key. Hoping this blog will help you in your decoration, and to reduce your worries about product selection, Azatta offers you a wide range of wall art decorations, the creative mind is endless, so hurry up and add charm to your house.