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Easy Canvas Painting Ideas for Beginners

Canvas painting is an excellent addition to most wall decor to create an aesthetic and vibrant vibe. It is also a great conversation-starters when you have visitors around. However, choosing the right canvas painting is not that easy, especially if it is your first time choosing one. There are factors that you need to consider to buy the right oil canvas artworks for your house, apartment, restaurant, or coffee shop.

So, here are some canvas painting ideas easy for beginners that can put colors to your place:

Part 1: What is canvas?

Most artists use paper or a canvas in wall decor to render the color and create a masterpiece, but the oil canvas has been widely used ever since. A beginner painting canvas is a fabric made from hemp that has a solid and tough texture than usual cloth. However, as time goes by, the materials used for making canvas for painting has changed to cotton and linen.

Both linen and cotton canvas has unique abilities when it comes to holding paints and prints. Experienced artists loved the quality of canvas with linen surface because of its ability to make the colors vibrantly stand out. It is also made of strong fiber and has natural oils that hold and preserves the painting for a longer period. However, linen canvas is more costly than any other type of painting canvas.

On the other hand, cotton canvas is known for its flexibility, which is perfect when you want to stretch it tighter on a wooden frame. Although it has a softer surface than linen, it can also hold the paint or print for a long time when prepared properly.

types of canvas paintings

Part 2: How much does canvas painting cost?

The cost of canvas paints varies on the type of medium used to render the colors for the painting. Various factors affect the pricing of the canvas artworks that are perfect for beginner canvas painting enthusiasts like you, such as the canvas, materials, and frames.

There are three types of canvas painting: the one that uses prints, oil painting, and the combination of brush strokes and printing. In terms of canvas prints, the larger the size, the higher it cost. The price range of most printed canvas is $20 up to $200 for large print canvas. It is much affordable than most oil paintings.

However, if you want to completely experience the authenticity of a canvas painting, you should choose one that employs oil paints or a combination of brush strokes and prints.

Azatta’s combined printing and brushstroke oil paintings are great examples of these kinds of the canvas. You can get a quality canvas paint for as little as $39.98 for a 12 by 16-inch canvas. While for a 20 by 28-inch canvas painting, the price starts from $82.98. They made the image clear and realistic through their excellent printing technology plus the brush strokes.

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Part 3: Which size we can select?

Canvas painting sizes vary from small to large size. Sometimes canvas paints are protected with frames and the frames depending on the size of the painting. If you do not want to have a hard time looking for the right size of frame for your canvas painting, you can just purchase one that includes a frame. Azatta made it easier for you to choose a frame for your chosen artwork. They include various options for colors and sizes of frames for your convenience.

Choosing the size of your canvas paint will really depend on your place and space. If you are planning to put it in your bedroom, you can choose the square canvas painting. On the other hand, long framed canvas paintings are suitable for offices and wide spaces.

canvas painting size

Part 4: Can canvas painting keep its color over time?

1. Material choosing

Over time, paints in canvas can fade if the materials used are not made to last longer. If you want to maintain the color of the canvas paint vibrant as if it were new, consider one that contains fade-resistant inks. It's made to keep most printed canvas looking good for a long time. It is designed to provide long life for most canvas artwork.

Moreover, you can also help maintain the vibrant and beautiful colors of your canvas paint by noting things like:

  • Purchasing a canvas painting that uses materials that are resistant to UV lights.
  • Keep and place your canvas painting in an area where it is not exposed to sunlight to avoid the ink or paint fading.
  • You can also frame the canvas print or painting on a glass frame that is UV resistant.
azatta canvas painting

2. Arrangement of canvas painting

Arranging the canvas paintings on the wall is quite challenging but once you learn the basic factors you need to consider, it will be easier.

  • Color is one of the first factors that you need to take into consideration when arranging your canvas painting on the wall Make sure the colors of the artwork you're about to hang on the wall go well with the color of the wall, the furniture, and the overall ambiance. It will have a significant impact if the paintings compliment the colors that are already present in your space.
  • Balance is another vital factor that plays an important role in decorating your wall with canvas paintings. It is essential to create a balanced distribution of the artworks from one side to another to make them attractive. The position and placement for each painting should also depend on the space and decorations that you have.
  • Speaking of the position, the height of the placement of your canvas paintings is also important. Putting the canvas in an eye-level position can help your wall art stand out and serve its purpose.
  • The same with photographs, the right amount of lighting can determine the beauty of the subject. So, in decorating your wall with paintings, lighting is also an essential factor to consider. Although it is mentioned to keep the canvas paintings away from sunlight, it does not mean that you should place them with poor lighting.
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In conclusion, the materials used, sizes, frames, and other factors can significantly affect the pricing of a canvas painting. Mostly, the inks, paints, and canvas used are essential aspects that you need to know before buying a piece of painting. Choosing the right artworks for your home, office, or shops does not require you to be an expert designer you just have to trust your creative side. But it does not mean that you can not call for an expert’s opinion.

Canvas painting ideas easy for beginners are just around the corner. Your starting point is having a clean beginner painting canvas and once you are all set, you can easily make your art. Whether you are doing it by yourself or seeking the help of an expert, square canvas painting ideas can be turned into reality easily. You can check out Azatta to look for square canvas painting ideas for your bedroom. It is also best for coffee shops and small apartments.