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All About Different Types of Canvas Frames

The frame is a key element for canvas prints, it is a topic that deserves discussion in all ages. The frame is an art in itself. A suitable canvas frame will enhance the sense of the beauty of the artwork.

However, an improper frame will lead to distraction. Different canvas frames have various shapes, materials and purposes. You need to distinguish these items to choose the suitable work of art frame for your space.

This blog aims to show you the basic information about the canvas frame. Furthermore, detailed information about the material and shape of the frame will be demonstrated as well. Hope you can obtain art inspiration from the content.

Part 1. Basic Information of the Canvas Frame

canvas frame

1. The function of Canvas Frame

The floating frames are considered the best partner for your photo and souvenir, it can protect the artwork and bring texture to your space. Furthermore, a suitable floater frame can also enhance the sense of the beauty of the entire household style. Different types of floater frames have various shapes, functions and materials, you need to understand these elements to choose the most suitable frame for your space.

2. History of Frame

Canvas frame first appeared in Egypt in AD 50-70 which was found in a grave. The hand-carved wooden frame that we can identify was first developed in the 12th and 13th centuries. Early frames were generally made of wood, this material is also widely used by workers today.

Materials and shapes of different frames will be provided in the following section, Hope this helps.

Part 2. 6 Common materials of the canvas frame

There are 6 common materials of the frame. At the point, the features of each material will be demonstrated. You can obtain the art inspiration from the following information.

1. Crystal

crystal canvas frame

The crystal frame is the symbol of magnificence. The sparkling texture of crystal will let the artwork looks more gorgeous. If you want to show some important or lovely pictures such as an image of a wedding or kids, the crystal frame is a good option. Furthermore, the high-quality crystal canvas frame is also a presentable gift for your friends.

2. Ceramic

The ceramic canvas frame is brilliant on account of this material is easy to assimilate the oil paint. In addition, ceramic is relatively solid and will not damage readily. In general, it is a reliable choice for room decor.

3. Wood

wooden canvas frame

The wood floater frame is the most common product in the market. It is almost appropriate for any space. The wood frame is relatively light and it is suitable to hang on the wall. Art lovers may feel they are accessing nature by the texture of wood.

What is more, wood canvas frames are not easy to deform. However, you can last your favorite memories in these wood floating frames, which would be cozy.

4. Metal

metal canvas frame

The metal canvas frame is bright, portable and solid. The durability of the metal frame outstrips the other materials, furthermore, the metal canvas frame does not weigh much. It can be moved easily to let you adjust the angle of the artwork. The metal texture will also bring a unique atmosphere to your space.

5. Leather

Compare with other materials, a leather canvas frame owns a unique appearance. The gentle visual effect of the leather frame can be placed in the car or some other space except home. Furthermore, the strong plasticity of leather is a good choice to customize the DIY style frame. However, please note it is essential to choose a suitable leather canvas frame that matches your space style.

6. Bamboo

Bamboo is a solid material for a canvas frame, it can be used for a long period. The unique texture is the main reason people love it. The bamboo canvas frame can bring visual interest to you, your artwork will emerge from other items in your space.

In addition, bamboo is an ideal environment-friendly material that has excellent physical performance. The quality of the canvas frame can be guaranteed for a long period.

The products from Azatta use wooden inner frames and polystyrene outer frames to decorate the artwork. This unique quality design is ready to hang on the wall for your home or office.

cardinal birds framed canvas

Part 3. 5 Common Shapes of Canvas Frame

1. Rectangle

cardinal best friends

The most common shape of a frame is a rectangle. These canvas size of frames have rectangular openings that make it easy to display your printed photos or your prints without adjusting or cutting the picture. As a result, you can buy these types of canvas frames in many different stores, and you can easily find different styles of frames.

Furthermore, rectangle canvas frames have various functions, you can custom canvas print and choose the canvas frame that best suits you based on the purpose, the content to be displayed, and the importance of decoration or other details to you.

2. Square

nourish hope

A square canvas frame is not as common as a rectangle frame, nevertheless, you still have different choices when facing these canvas frames. Expect choosing the suitable frame size for your stretched canvas artwork, you also need to concern the other decors for the artwork, for instance, the potting and table lamp is considered as a good partner for artwork, the combination of these items will let the artwork stand out.

3. Oval

Oval canvas frames are very elegant and will draw attention to the picture inside while it is relatively not as easy to find as other types of picture frames. They come in both suspension and tabletop canvas frames and are usually prettier than other types of frames. It is deserved to notice you must cut out the photos to be displayed when using these frames.

4. Round

A round frame is an advisable choice to appeal a lot of attention to the artwork in your space on account they're visually interesting and not very common. When choosing a round frame, please note that you do need to concern the material of the canvas frame, and put the suitable artwork in the frame. Otherwise, the result will be counterproductive.

5. Novelty

If you want something different to display your artwork frame, it's feasible to use a novel canvas frame. These frames have a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. These frames with large canvas prints are a great choice for most of the space as they are usually decorated with themes and you can find frames that suit different hobbies and interests. Make a bold trial and decorate your space with your ideal novelty frame!


Canvas frames can make your artwork more brilliant. Plus, the suitable canvas frame allows your space level to be enhanced.

By the way, Azatta offers lots of cost-effective framed canvas for your space. We hope the content of this blog will help you find some inspiration for your space. Be bold and try to decorate your space with the ideal frame!