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9 Simple Ideas to Decorate Your Home for Summer

Summers are versatile, and their impact varies according to the region you live. While the people residing in the areas near to the Equator may not like the season much, those putting up somewhere near the north and south poles might desperately wait for the weather to bring warmth to their days and nights.

With that said, if you are living in a region where the summers are pleasant, instead of throwing pillow and blanket, are you want to make sure that your house decoration compliments the climate?

The following simple home decor ideas would help you get the best ambiance for your beautiful shelter.

1. Color for the Whole Space

It is imperative to understand that the light shades go best for the hot weather. Because such colors absorb less heat from the sun, they tend to keep the place cool and make the summer home decor eye-soothing. Furthermore, using a combination of a maximum of two colors would give a decent look to your place. A couple of suggestions to make the bright colors of your whole space gel with the warm season are listed below:

Beige with Blue


This combination is the most picked one amongst people living in the hot regions. While the blue color gives the essence of seawater, the beige shade eases the harshness of the breeze that flows during the season.

Aqua with Coral

The light fixture again includes some flavor of clean water, i.e., aqua, along with slightly warm shade, coral. These colors could be used if you are a bit away from the Equator, either toward the northern hemisphere or the southern one.

White with Seafoam


Yet again a decent collaboration of oceanic color, seafoam, with the one that least absorbs the heat, white. The high temperature of the region can be easily dodged with this combination when used for home decor.

Blue with Grey


When the grey color is talked about in context with home decor in summer, the light variant would be the one you should go for along with the blue shade that, one more time, reflects the aquatic sense.

2. Summer Style Wall Decor

Once the walls and floors of your home have decent colors, it is now time to beautify the walls with some summer-friendly ornaments such as some paintings, hangings, etc. in addition to the furniture that is woody enough to give your house decoration a cool and soothing essence.

A quick online search on your favorite web browser and search engine would produce several useful links to the catalogs to browser for and purchase those summer house decor apparel online for your walls. A few visual interest canvas wall art paintings might suitable for your house in summer style.


3. Lights for House

Along with the paint color of your home and the canvas wall arts, another factor that significantly impacts the overall ambiance of your house is the lighting system that needs to be according to the season of the year.


Avoid the Yellows

Having light-colored walls, and using bright yellow light wouldn’t go at all. When the warmness is already in the atmosphere, it is the white light along with some essence of aqua would make the environment pleasant.

Prefer the Ceilings

If possible, have the LEDs fixed at the ceilings to get consistent luminance throughout the room. While the table lamps and other similar sources of artificial lights could serve the color scheme, they cover limited areas when turned on.

4. Summer Scents

Be it wearing deodorant or a perfume, or using a room air freshener, a specific taste of scents for certain weather types adds the icing on the cake when it’s about home decor. A few suggestions to keep the ambiance of your house cool include:

Fresh Lime


The smell of lime gives the air complete freshness, regardless of the time of the day it is.



Menthol gives a completely different scent to the air but is still as good for the summers as the lime is.



That light floral aroma has no competitor in the arena of essences. You can consider a lavender-flavored air freshener on the coffee table for your home.


Many scents have a woody base that gives the air the smell of a forest. Try using one of such fresheners and see if you like the fragrance.

5. Curtains

As it is with the walls, the color of the curtains and other fabrics such as bedsheets and cushion covers should be in contrast too. For instance:

With the grey and blue walls, the curtains with one or two tones lighter shades of grey would go best, but not black and white.


Likewise, with seafoam and white colors, it would be good to use a light shade of aqua to get a pleasant look.

6. Decorate Outdoors

The outdoors must compliment the walls and floors of the interior of your house. Because the exteriors reflect the sense of your home decor ideas, their balance with the rooms must be proper. A couple of ideas for such a combination include:


The fences of your home could be roughly related to the color used on most of your interior walls. For instance, if the majority of the walls are grey, using a slightly lighter tone of the same color would go best.


A few tones darker shade of the fence would be best for the boundary walls when used for summer home decor.


Because the front door is metal in most cases, using a delicate color like white wouldn’t be good. Instead, try using a shade that is a bit darker than that used on the boundary. Alternatively, a color tone that lies somewhere between that the boundaries and the fencing could also be used.

7. Seating Space

A house with a decent amount of space between the main gate and the home itself is likely to have a portico, a lawn, a verandah, and in some cases, a backyard as well. With that kind of residence, choosing the best furniture for seating and aligning them accordingly so that they complement the exteriors and interiors automatically becomes imperative.


Interior Seating

In summers, it is important to align the sofas and chairs a bit distant from each other so as not to make the room look congested. As for the colors, the woodier the furniture is the more comfortable and pleasant your home decor would be.

Exterior Seating

Even for the exterior seating, using the furniture made of wood would do good. If you are fond of lawn swings, and they happen to be of metal, coloring them with some light shade, preferably that used for the fencing would give the entire house decoration a consistent look.

8. Flowers as A Decor


Flowers with a fresh smell or those with the scent of grass could be used in summers. If you are more into artificial decors, using the florals made of light-colored tissue papers such as cream, light yellow, aqua, etc. would serve the purpose well. If you like to use flower wall canvas, it can also decorate your house with the summer scent.


9. Furniture


The woodier the furniture is the lesser heat would it absorb. Therefore, use the furniture made of wood wherever possible. If you are conscious of hurting the environment and want to avoid the usage of wood, you can get the objects painted with light and dark brown to give them a natural look.


The fact is, walls look incomplete without proper house decor paintings hanging around. While every individual has their own tastes when it comes to choosing colors for their furniture, curtains, and exteriors, the wall paintings for summer seasons might be common in home decor for interior designer.

With that, there is nothing better if you could get those elevation ornaments at reduced rates, especially when they are available from one of the leading portals like Azatta.