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7 Tips for Beginners to Decorate Living Room


The living room is one of the most frequently used spaces in your room. It is quite wonderful to relax on the sofa when you finish your work. Sometimes, sharing stories with your friends in the living room is also a rare sense of enjoyment in life.

Therefore, an exquisite decoration of the living room is essential in daily life. Suitable decorations can enhance your space level and artistic atmosphere. With the development of modern technology and aesthetic vision, there are various decors for the living room, however, living room wall decor is an unfailing theme for living room decoration.

This blog is willing to show you some features about the living room, furthermore, four feasible decor ideas for space will be described as well. 7 tips to which beginners need to pay attention for interiors design. It is quite necessary for an inexperienced person.

Content Overview

Part 1: Basic Information of The Living Room


The living room is usually one of the largest rooms in your home. When your friends enter your room, the living room comes into their view soon. So, as the focal point in the home, the wall hangings deserve to be noticed. It is absolutely deserved if you spend your time thinking hard about the decoration of the living room.

This part will demonstrate some features and describe some possible wall decor ideas which are suitable in the living room. The living room is the most frequently used place in the home. It is cozy to relax and share stories with your friends. A comfortable living room will enhance your life satisfaction and quality. 

Therefore, it is essential for everyone to care about the overall arrangement and design of the living room. To some extent, this is a difficult job for beginners. However, no worry, just browse this blog, you will find some clues on eye catching decor.

Decorating the living room requires you to inject balance and harmony between physical objects and key structural features. This is definitely an arduous task, nevertheless, when everything is done, it is all worth the effort.

Part 2: 4 Feasible Ideas for Living Room Decor

Right, let’s talk something about the possible decor ideas for the living room. As the most frequently used space in the room, everyone is willing to make the living room looks bright, elegant and splendid.

Although the decoration of the living room seems like a tough program, nevertheless, it doesn’t mean a lot of money will spend. If your budget is limited, some cheap framed artworks and furniture originality can also bring the fashionable element to your space. Now I will show you four feasible ideas for living room decors.

1. Add Nature Elements into Your Living Room


Plants are able to enhance the vitality and sense of sculpture. The colorful potted plants will add life temperament and interest. Furthermore, green plants will purify the air and improve the life quality for your space. If the sunshine condition is limited in your space, the artificial green plant is also an eye catching choice to decorate the space.

2. Add Wall Lamp into Your Living Room


The wall lamp is able to provide an extra light source without occupying the space of the floor and desk. That is a creative design which usually ignored by consumers. The wall lamp will enhance the sense of interior design for your space. What is more, the lighting and unique style of your living room will be embodied by these items.

3. Add Carpet into Your Living Room


The carpet will enhance the visual impact of your space. In addition, the sense of texture and depth will increase. It is an ideal choice to decorate your living room. What is more, you can find a suitable carpet in the supermarket or retail store easily.

The prices for most of the carpets are acceptable for consumers. Furthermore, the carpet is quite easy to install and match with small space.

4. Add Canvas Wall Art into Your Living Room


Sometimes, suitable canvas wall artworks can transfer your space from gloomy to lively. When you finish a piece of art and turn back home, it is relaxed to be immersed in the art world which canvas artworks bring to you.

To some extent, framed artwork is an essential part of everyone’s life. Your artistic appreciation ability will also embody the process of selecting the proper canvas artworks. The gallery wall is perfect to the interiors design for sure.

Although the hanging art is quite suitable and fashionable to decorate the space, however, compared with other types of decors, the decoration by canvas wall art needs more concern for beginners in blank wall. It is a complex but enjoyable process. The matters that need to concern will be demonstrated in the following part.

Part 3. 7 Tips for Living Room Wall Decor

This part will provide 7 basic tips about how to choose wall art in the living room for beginners. If you are a beginner and have no ideas on living room wall decor, no worry, the following content will guide you to choose wonderful living room wall art. Just browse the content and get your inspiration!

Color Issues

tips-for-wall decor

Color is the first thing people will come across when they choosing living room wall decor. The reason is beginners are trying to find something that matches the background hue in the room. It is an acceptable way to match certain colors when choosing an artwork, nevertheless, it's not the only way.

In some cases, the color of the wall decor may be the opposite of the hue in the living room, perhaps, the color of the artwork is simply black and white. You need to find something that complements the space. Do not worry too much about the color.

Consider Size


Please note it is a common mistake if someone claims the larger artwork is better than the smaller one. The size of the living room wall decor should depend on the circumstances.

For instance, the length of the wall art over the sofa should be about 2/3 as the length of the sofa. However, it is not a strict rule under any circumstances. The combination of several small artworks can also be considered as an integral whole. Generally speaking, you should make sure the combination of the living room wall decor and your space looks harmonious.

Add Retro Element

The sense of contrast is a key trick to maintain the feeling of freshness. When your inspiration is limited, please think about the wall decor from a different generation. The combination of these artworks is definitely a noticeable point.

Traditional and fashion artworks can unexpectedly complement each other. The mixture of different subjects and colors is also interesting. Therefore, make a bold trial when choosing the living room wall decor.

Hang It at Eye-Level

In most cases, the experience for hanging the artwork on the wall is to keep the center of the product about 57 inches (145 centimeters) above the floor. This is the average eye level of the common population. Most of the art galleries also adopt this data as the criterion. This tip is usually ignored by consumers, please measure the size before hanging it on the wall decor.

Use Various Frames


Diversity is the true essence of life! Mix multiple styles of frames will enhance the magnificent atmosphere of your space. You will obtain an unprecedented experience when you put it into practice.

The combination of various living room wall decor with different frames is a work of art in itself. The material of the frame can be metallic, wooden, frosted, glossy, mirrored. In some cases, a frame is unnecessary. Just make a bold trial, the choice is yours!

Buy the Wall Art You Really Prefer

Please purchase the wall decor which you prefer no matter the product is cheap or expensive. The exclusive artwork can definitely enhance your space level, however, the price of the product may be very expensive. Similarly, the blind investment in the rare artwork created by masters is also a big taboo.

Some of the consumers only consider these artworks are valuable. However, they don’t like them at all. What is more exaggerated, they even cannot distinguish the subject of the artwork. So, please think about which wall art is your favorite.

Shop Around

Generally speaking, shopping around is a significant rule when you buying living room wall decor and other items. If you meet a product which you really like, no hurry, you need to make sure that you have learned enough detailed information about the artwork. Try to collect the information from any possible channels. Get a product that owns highly cost performance by your effort!

Part 4: Summary

The living room is the most important space in the room which deserves you to spend time thinking over the decor. There are so many methods and forms to decorate the living room, however, in most cases, wall decor is the most common in the living room. However, some matters deserve beginners to concern before installing the wall art in the living room. Hope you can get inspiration and decorate your space with confidence!