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6 Kitchen Decor Ideas for Beginners in 2021

In a busy life, the area where you have to stay every day is the kitchen. Besides, the unique kitchen decor can make the whole house less monotonous and make people enjoying cooking. Nowadays, many different decor styles meet the aesthetic needs of different customers. Canvas painting is also a popular choice nowadays, so in this blog, 4 considerations for the kitchen decor will be described and 6 Wall Decor Ideas will be given.

Kitchen is the room where the day starts and the evening begins, so it is an ideal place that allows wall art to be filled. As well, tasty kitchen decor will inspire you to spend more time in the dining room and cooking your favorite meals with your relatives. Therefore, don't hesitate to get creative on your kitchen decor, this focal point in your home rather than living room.

kitchen decor

Part 1. Consideration for Kitchen Decor

A.New painting colors

Choosing the perfect paint color for kitchen decor is an ideal and important starting point. While you can obviously choose any color for the kitchen, Azatta recommends white.

A white kitchen design provides a clean, fresh and energizing feels to people. But an all-white kitchen doesn't have to be boring. There are many ways to liven up interior design. Subtle shades in soft hues, such as black-and-white canvas painting or gray-and-black cabinets, are clever ways to give white kitchens depth and dimension. In addition, white not only feels clean, but it's easy to see when the walls get dirty. Therefore a white wall color keeps all food in the kitchen as sanitary as possible.

white kitchen

B.Upgrading kitchen lighting

Lighting is especially important in the eye catching kitchen decor, as kitchen is the place the whole family enjoys breakfast together, the hostess stuns guests with elaborate sauces, and the kids learn cooking skills from their grandparents. There is no better way to add interest and effective upgrade to your kitchen than with new light fixtures.

Choosing the right lighting for your kitchen decor not only makes a kitchen look better, but it also creates a cozy, warm atmosphere that makes late-night baking and early morning coffee rituals feel more luxurious and attractive.

kitchen lighting decor

C.Kitchen decor idea about backsplash

One of the most interesting decisions in the entire kitchen decor is choosing a kitchen backsplash, which are panels used to protect an area on the wall directly across from the stove and sink. Backsplash can span the entire wall, or they can cover the area between the countertop and the cabinets. Thus, it is the wide world of textures and colors that they open up.

Traditionally, kitchen backsplashes are made of tile and cover only the part of the kitchen wall between the countertop and the upper cabinets. However, as kitchen decor and cabinetry preferences have evolved, kitchen backsplash and tile designs have changed as well. In order to make your kitchen backsplash more attractive, the tiny wall arts are recommended to hand on it.

kitchen backsplash decor

D.Handing canvas painting in your kitchen

Generally speaking, the kitchen should be a space that makes people feel relaxed and happy. Some people will leave the kitchen blank wall, but a pretty canvas painting can make this area more welcoming and fun. After all, the kitchen is the heart of most homes.

Fortunately, Azatta offers different sizes of canvas painting provided for small and big kitchens. For example, canvas paintings that are simple look may suit small kitchen decor. Meanwhile, building a gallery wall or hanging a set of oil paintings is possible to bright large kitchen.

Kitchen canvas painting

Part 2. 6 Kitchen Wall Art Decor Ideas

A.Collect compliments with a hanging herb garden

Having fresh herbs on hand when cooking is essential, so a hanging herb garden is not only stylish but practical. Besides, herb garden adds vibrancy to the neutral palette of a kitchen wall. In the meantime, it's an excellent DIY project, which requires towel racks, hooks and matching planters.

B.Decor with cups and shelves

The combination of canvas frame and some silverware flatware, like cups and shelves collected from the thrift store are the unique and easy wall art to your kitchen decor. The kitchen decor idea of displaying cups and shelves on the wall or above your cabinets is able to free up storage space. In addition, please make the most of your incredible collection of cups and shelves when you are not cooking but no need to let them wilting in the cupboard.

kitchen decor with cup and shelves

C.Handing canvas painting on the wall

Canvas painting is also a brilliant idea for your kitchen decor. Handing colorful and vibrant canvas painting on your large walls, make sure your choices are wise, so that adding personality and great visual interest to the kitchen from your canvas painting. You should choose some wonderful and unique canvas paintings for an affordable price, then you do not have to splurge just to buy something for your kitchen design.

kitchen canvas wall art decor

D. Large whimsical clock wall decor

Kitchen wall clocks are global fashion in kitchen decor. Because kitchen always is understated among the whole home, if there is something like functional gears, which will make an impression to your relatives. In addition, it should be noticed that the wall clocks allow you to set different times if your loved ones live in other places in different time zones. Then you can call them through a simple glance at the wall.

Large whimsical clock wall decor

E. Farmhouse kitchen wall decor with open shelves

Most people choose cabinets to decor their kitchen because of its effective storage space, but the open shelving unit is possible to make your kitchen look spacious and provides more space to us to show off decorating, such as canvas painting about planting, and lush plants. If you want to actually use your kitchen, you can't go wrong with these decorative and functional pieces.

kitchen wall-decor with open shelves

Part 3. Summary

The magic happens in the kitchen, which is a place to catch up on emails, complete homework, call friends, make cocktails and make most of the week's food. Apparently, this a very special room. Azatta always offers you some canvas painting with a cooking theme. This way of displaying canvas artwork in the kitchen is a great way to inject personality into space and add visual interest.