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10 Wall Art Ideas for Girls' Room

Almost girl dreams of being a princess, whatever teenagers girl or little girl, so you would think that all the pink and unicorns must fit in teen girl bedroom or kids room. Well, you would be sadly mistaken. Getting teen girls and art to live can always be full of fun, love and whimsy. It's never too hard to decorate for a girl's bedroom interior design using wall art or wall decor.

A girl's room is a safe place for them to learn, play and be artistic. So don't shy away from color palette, bold colors, whimsical artwork and photography, and wait for inspiring scenes from around the world to explore.

For girls, the best murals should be lively, vibrant and open up a child's imagination. Girl's room idea should be fun and should explore new ideas that make them think.

Keep in mind that wall art or wall decor in bedroom decor comes in a variety of sizes, patterns, colors and types, and you can choose based on the room design you want to achieve. Here are 10 wall art ideas to decorate a bedroom that will excite any girl.

Flower Canvas Painting

Floral canvas is Azatta's top wall decor idea for girl's bedroom idea. The aesthetic of a flower canvas painting is always a win in every girl's eye. If you are looking for teen room decor that is a step to get closer to nature, this one is for you!

The rich and stunning colors of flower canvas painting can complement any wall color our girls have. I mean, who doesn't love a little garden of flowers inside their rooms, right?

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Paper Flower Wall Decor

This is for girls who are a little extra! If you're into wall art that is unique, paper flowers are the way to go small room. Paper flower wall decor has become a trend during this time because of its intricate designs. Girls love a little origami moment in their DIY room decor. 

Animal Gallery

Who said animal designs are only for boys? Animal Gallery can also be glamorous wall art for girls' room. A very cute canvas of an ostrich, zebra, or even a curious monkey can make our girls feel connected to the world! Girl room ideas are usually pinks and floras, but it's 2021, unique bedroom ideas can go well in our girl rooms too!

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Girls Painting

Our girls wear different hats in their dreams. They could be a princess, a queen, a model, or anyone they wanted to be. If you are looking for room decor ideas for girls that are creative and personal this is for you.

Girls Painting is also a good addition to their walls because it can drive their imaginations of who they want to become in the future. You can even put a portrait of themselves or the people they aspire to be—even their idols! It's definitely a chic addition to your wall decor ideas for girl's room.

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Family Portrait

This might be a little sentimental but it really does give a different vibe in a room. We should be displaying our family portraits more. Because our family is the foundation of our homes.

A beautiful family portrait wall decor can complete and light up a room alone. A stunning picture of your family is always nice to look at. Family portraits are not limited to family members, you can also add your fur sisters and babies as well!

Fantasy Landscape

For the pretty girls who like views and sceneries, this could be a great addition to their walls too! Fantasy landscapes have always been a staple in every girl's room. It gives off a cool twist in wall designs.

The fantasy landscape could be a mountain, a sky, scenery in the woods. You can also go intergalactic and even show the picture of the milky way and the universe! It's fun and playful just like most girls are.

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Disney Characters

Now, we may not be able to visit Disneyland at the moment but we can bring disney land inside our rooms. Who doesn't love Disney when they were kids?

Disney characters are also a favorite in girl room ideas. It could be their favorite disney princesses or their favorite Disney Character. It will make your room a Whole New World if you ask me!


Another brilliant wall art for creative and imaginative girls' rooms is Unicorns. Their wonderful array of colors bring a cheerful vibe in a room. Those pink tails and purple hairs give off an artsy and creative look on the walls! 

What's more, add the extra bed canopies with unicorns is the top picks for  girl room ideas—a fantasy vibe that most girls love.

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3D Butterfly Wall

Now this one is so cool! 3D Butterfly Wall decor ideas for girl's rooms is one of the crowd-favorite decor ideas out there! It gives off a very playful and unique vibe in the room as it feels real. Who doesn't like real butterflies on their walls, right?

Library wall

For moms and dads who wanted to introduce their kids to books, this is a brilliant idea for you. Library wall decors! This will not only encourage kids to read books, it will also give them another thing to focus on instead of being on tables and phones the entire day.

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Dream Catcher Wall Decor

For girls out there who Dream Catchers this could be the one for you. Dream Catcher designs are a unique design for walls because it gives off a very bohemian feel to it. Its willow hoops are believed to be sacred and it catches bad dreams.

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While it is still not the safest time to go out our homes, this might be a great time to become creative with our wall decors. You can even do this with your daughters and let them pick whichever they want or whoever they want to be in their rooms. We can make any difficult times a little lighter if we are playful and imaginative.

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