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10 Canvas Wall Art Ideas in 2021

Canvas wall decor is a focal design choice that can highlight your space. Often, they are prints, paintings, and photographs that are blown up onto thin stretched fabric for decorative purposes. While they are traditionally associated with painting, canvases with prints have become a huge decorative phenomenon over recent decades. This surge in popularity became prevalent in the early 1990s and is still thriving today.

Why is Canvas Wall Decor Important?

Paintings on canvas are an excellent way to personalize and decorate your space to make it your own. The right canvas can completely transform a room as well as bring your own personality into it. This means it’s important you pick the right one!

Canvases also give the room a focal point and are great ways to either tie color schemes together or add a bit of color where needed.

10 Canvas Wall Decor Ideas in 2021

Here are our favorite canvas art ideas for 2021 that are trending right now. Which of canvas print is the perfect fit for your space?


Try to bring a bit of nature into your living room by incorporating floral canvases. These will offer a classic look as they're a timeless choice. Floral photography and art in blank wall can also massively elevate a space by adding pops of color and symbolism.

Floral paintings are very diverse too so there's a good one for every home. The right canvas art can give your space a striking style while another can give a delicate touch. It entirely depends on what you’re going for!

Flower canvas wall art is the easy canvas art that in acrylic paint, which would add an air of elegance to your space and would be a gorgeous contrasting piece to a crisp white wall.



An abstract style is a perfect way to go if you’re after an eclectic feel and have become increasingly popular again as a surge in retro styles has become prevalent again

If you’re after that funky 60s vibe that’s returning, abstract paintings are definitely the right choice for canvas wall decor. This style is also fantastic if you’re after a fun and eccentric twist.

Abstract designs are also great because they offer something fun to space even if you don’t want to opt for color!



As a floral design, scenery paintings take the idea of bringing nature inside. While this is traditionally a fairly classic style, it doesn’t have to stop you from making it more fun and modern!

The good thing about a scenery canvas print is they’re in a ton of different styles. Traditional scenery paintings will incorporate that traditional style but a scenic print also gives a more vibrant and modern feel.


Pop Culture

Pop culture is a timeless design element because it grows with the waves of different trends. At the core of pop culture though is vibrancy and color that evolve around commercial trends. After emerging in the 1950s and 1960s, pop culture has become a widely appreciated art style that is perfect for a retro look that contrasts against some more modern designs. It’s a style that is hard to go out of fashion.



Animal paintings are another timeless style. Using animals in art has been done countlessly and there’s a reason for that. It’s a super-expressive subject of art because each animal has distinct characteristics. This means it’s pretty diverse for your spaces too.

If you use wild animal paintings like elephant wall art, it is much more neutral and peaceful. Not only is this because of the actual style the elephant is done in but purely because of the gentleness of the elephant itself.



This one is similar to incorporating scenic canvases because it again stems from the idea of bringing the natural world inside.

Botanical-inspired pieces have always had a huge place in the world of art but they’re particularly having a moment now. There’s something about the simplicity of a botanical piece of art that has captured the attention of many for as long as art has been around. Well, it’s happening again.

Originally, botanical art stemmed from a need to keep recordings of plants before photos. Over time, it transformed into becoming mainly decorative. Perhaps it's a good canvas wall decor idea for bedrooms.



Cultural art paintings are an excellent wall canvas decor because they show off the styles and preferences of people from all around the world!

Cultural paintings give you a ton of variety with what you choose too. You can use a style inspired or used by a particular culture or have a canvas of notable locations and sceneries from these cultures too!



Religious artwork is also an excellent canvas choice because they allow you to decorate your space with something that’s a part of you. If you hold your religion dear to you, why not make it a part of your home so you can enjoy it daily and so guests can enjoy it too?



Nothing is as joyous and as vibrant as children are! If you want to make your home decor fun, try some custom canvases of your own kids or something like the printed canvas wall art to add a bit of innocent joy to your space. This is a great canvas wall decor choice as it gives your space some childlike wonder!



If you’re after a more sleek, modern design that has a bit of an edge, try out a construction canvas. They’re a really good way to make a space look put together!

Paintings with famous cityscapes such as the Eiffel tower mid-construction are timeless and bring a bit of history into your design element. Architectural artwork such as construction is immensely popular because it stands for something larger - it’s an homage to hard work, dedication and brilliant vision.


To summarise, there are a ton of different art styles to choose from to make your space your own. Whether you prefer to opt for a simplistic and calming space or if you favor the vibrancy of pop culture - there’s a canvas style for everyone to make their own space their dream.